Through deformation and abstraction of imagery, I aim to deconstruct our perception of reality.  Issues of pictorial representation in two-dimensional imagery are further complicated when applied to three-dimensional space. By juxtaposing 2D designs onto 3D sculptural surfaces, my work exists in both spaces and may disorient viewers. These abstract and illusory forms can be thought of as hybridised sculptures and paintings akin to 3D models in the digital realm, attempting to simultaneously occupy space in the real and imagined world.

          Both geometric and corporeal surfaces are created organically through play and chance.  This chaotic construction method has led to wonderful discoveries and learning experiences. Typical construction supplies such as wall paint and drywall compound, as well as recycled and found materials, make up the majority of my sculptures. While it is not a  conceptual component of my work, I am committed to reducing the environmental impact that my art will have. To make art by reusing scraps or junk that would otherwise find their way into landfills, without compromising my intentions or the structural integrity of my work, is another powerful driving force behind these forms.


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